All You Need is a Determination to Be Fit!

Making regular exercise a habit is difficult to follow. Given to our tiring schedules, preoccupied times and our ever procrastinating self, following a fitness regime becomes the last thing to get our attention. Under such a scenario, taking an appointment in a gym comes to our rescue. Obviously when you are paying bucks for something, you cannot afford to miss it. Once you have planed your regime in no time it becomes a routine.

The easiest way to keep your routine going on is to simply not stop. First of all, do not break the habit or reschedule your regime frequently. Buy yourself all the necessary gym accessories that will help you remain charged up like resistance bands, free weights etc. Make a commitment everyday to exceed your time limit more than the previous day. This will help you solidify the exercise habit.

Gym Flooring

Next, instead of making a routine task, keep it a recreational activity and a way to impart fun to your routine. If you are not enjoying yourself at the gym than there is no point paying for it, you already have immense pressure at work! You can even ask a buddy out for gym. This will make the session interactive and a little competitive too. Above all, having a social aspect to exercising can help bolstering your commitment to exercise.

In case you plan to set up a home gym then make sure you choose for appropriate gym flooring. Various installations in Vinyl, rubber, tiles are options to choose from. The lower slip resistance of modular Vinyl Tiles is an excellent choice. Vinyl tiles are typically less resilient than rubber tiles, a rubber under-layment often may be integrated lend increased sound deadening and cushioning to the floor. Apart from floor, a list of essential equipment must be handy while setting your own gym. After all, to be fit as fiddle is a journey not a destination.

The Best Cardiovascular Workout Machines To Buy

Erroneous diets, liposuction surgeries, odious regime, pills and what not ways are adopted by fitness enthusiast to lose weight. To escape that guilt of eating an extra piece of cake all you need is to burn those extra calories. Cardiovascular workout is the key to shed those extra kilos effectively without facing any cringe-worthy side effects.

Various cardio exercising machines are available in the market to help you remain fit and healthy body. Running machines, treadmills, rowing machine, group cycles, etc equipment offer strenuous cardiovascular workout. Read on to have a brief about a few among these.

Group cycles

Weight loss is revved by using group cycles. Done in group or solo, this indoor cycling activity can be designed as per the rider. Further, the group cycle lets user make finer adjustments in seat height, aft position, saddle fore, handlebar position, etc. The aim of group cycle is to make exercising comfortable, thus, enabling user to work out for a longer period. In addition, these indoor bikes give users a smooth peddling experience.


If quick weight loss is on the wish list, then a treadmill is what has to be looked for. Treadmills are a staple at all gyms. Further, the exercising equipment is the best way to imitate real life walking and running movements. Treadmill can easily accommodate any type of fitness goals.

Cross trainer

The most important benefit of using an elliptical trainer is reduction of impact. It provides workout similar to jogging but without adding pressure on joints. The elliptical bike lets you burn 8 to 10 calories per minute without affecting your ankle, joints, shin and back that are generally affected by rigorous jogging. Those who want to work on lower abdomen, cross trainers are the most effective.

Some elliptical trainers have moving handlebars that give effective exertion to arms. The back-and-forth motion aims your chest, shoulders, back and arms while pedaling work on every major muscle of your lower body.

Precautionary Measures For Fitness Freaks

Whether you are exercising for first time or not, you will need to know the different precautionary methods applicable in every fitness program.

These precautionary methods need to be followed thoroughly to avoid any serious injury. Some people think that these precautionary measures only need to be taken care when you are using home gym equipment, however, you will need to remember all of them even when you are at the gym.

The two most important precautionary measures are as follows:

Do not ignore any warning signals

When it comes to your fitness regime, it is very important to notice all the warning signs. The following warning signs should never be ignored:

– Pain or pressure on the left side of your chest or near your left arm
– Frequent muscles cramps
– Irregular heart beats
– Sharp pain in your ankles, joints, bones or feet
– A feeling of uneasiness or dizziness
– Frequent bouts of cold sweat
fitness equipement
You should stop your exercise routine and consult the doctor immediately to ensure that you are fit enough to continue your fitness regime.

Your personal limits and needs

– You may have hired the best trainer in the market; however, you will need to tell him or her, your own limitations and needs.
– Your trainer will set your fitness regime according to your limitations and needs.
– Apart from this, you will also need to keep your body hydrated round the clock.
– Food and rest are also required for your body to replenish its nutrient and energy level.

You can never ensure proper health and fitness just by pumping different gym equipments. The desired results can only be obtained when you follow the above mentioned precautionary measures followed by a disciplined fitness regime. Last but not the least; always make sure that you do your homework before leaping into your designated exercise routine.

What Can Be The Best Home Exercise Equipment?

Instead of giving up on your workout sessions due to preoccupied lifestyle of today, sparing a thought of buying home fitness equipment can be a good alternative. Given to the several reasons like exorbitant gym memberships, far proximity, and scarcity of time are enough to force you compromise over your fitness regime. Considering another way-out to be in shape is buying compact-sized exercising machine that consumes less floor space and keeps you fit as fiddle. Have a glance at popular and pocket-friendly fitness equipment.

• Stability Ball
A stability ball takes care of your back and spine muscles. Balancing yourself on it is easy to do and highly beneficial. The easiest of all the complicated fitness devices stability is economical and good for beginners. Regardless of age the ball is safe to use for kids as well.

• Suspension Trainer
Suspension trainer is the foremost choice for fitness enthusiast seeking good workout at home. It does not have a stable surface and therefore exerts your muscles. As the foundation of the surface keeps on varying, it stresses your stabilizer muscles to go that extra mile.

• Kettlebells
Quite similar to dumbbells, the kettlebells escalates fitness to the next level by lending optimum support to the muscles. The spherical shape of the kettlebells has a whole logic behind it. As you advance with the workout the centre of the gravity shifts due to its spherical shape making your muscles undergo strenuous cardio. The muscles need to push an extra edge to accommodate to the changing gravity shift. Kettlebells are balanced and effective mix of dumbbells and cardio machine.

It is high time to rebuff the myth that fitness machines only mean expensive, bulky gym items that occupies huge space. Fitness equipment stores are flooded with such small-sized fitness machine for those who are gritty and take their fitness regime seriously but money and time hinders their efforts.

Which Are The Top Cardiovascular Exercising Machines To Buy?

Crash diets, horrendous liposuction surgeries and what not are adopted by many to lose weight. All such means are adopted to lose the stubborn fat of the body, but they come with cringe-worthy side effects. Such side effects motivate many to look for healthy ways to lose weight and tone the body. Ideally, the body should exert pressure and make the heart pump fast to lose those ugly extra kilos.

Cardio workouts should be prioritized whenever a healthy diet is taken for burning calories. Many people prefer going to gyms and burning those extra calories by working hard on cardio exercising machines for e.g. elliptical machine, running machine, and the like. Some of the best cardiovascular exercising machines are listed below. Read on to know.

Group cycles

Weight loss is revved by using group cycles. Done in group or solo, this indoor cycling activity can be designed as per the rider. Further, the group cycle lets user make finer adjustments in seat height, aft position, saddle fore, handlebar position, etc. The aim of group cycle is to make exercising comfortable, thus, enabling user to work out for a longer period. In addition, these indoor bikes give users a smooth peddling experience.


If quick weight loss is on the wish list, then a treadmill is what has to be looked for. Treadmills are a staple at all gyms. Further, the exercising equipment is the best way to imitate real life walking and running movements. Treadmill can easily accommodate any type of fitness goals.

Indo-row rowing machine

Thanks to the popularity of Indo-Row, the Indo-row rowing exercising machine has made a grand comeback. The machine helps the user to get the most out of the designed cardiovascular exercising program. The machine is designed to use more than 80% of the total muscle mass, making the body follow a range of dynamic motions.

To simply put, cardio workouts are the ones aimed to increase the work of lungs and heart. Close to 30-60 minutes of aerobics every day helps in getting rid of the body fat.

Buying Guide For Home Gym Equipment

A glimpse of hecticness found in the contemporary lifestyle might dread those who are particular with their fitness routine. However, if orderliness is welcomed in the lifestyle, then nothing will let those fitness goals slip into oblivion. Every individual’s personality reflects the type of modus vivendi s/he is leading.  An unhealthy lifestyle breeds physical as well as mental woes; hence, it becomes significant to earmark a timeslot – from the entire day – that will be dedicated to workouts.

fitness equipementIt is great to experience jogging or exercising in gyms; nevertheless, it becomes apparent that such fitness goals will take a backseat once an inclement weather condition approaches (harsh winters or a rainy season).  In such times, it is essential to have personal gym equipments that will not let your fitness goals and overall health get affected.


Points that must be kept in mind while buying gym instrument

Need analysis

Behind every surefire buying decision is an exhaustive need analysis.  Knowing goals is important. It is not necessary that everyone buys gym equipment for losing weight; while some would want to bulk up, whereas others might desire a toned body. Only after successful determination of such needs, one nails down the best gym instrument.


dumbllsPurchasing home gym instruments and machines can cost a fortune; nevertheless, it is not necessary that every home gym area must be state-of-the-art. It is prudent to search every nook and cranny of the web to obtain fruitful information about the best fitness equipment that doesn’t disturb the budget. If 100% efforts are put, then there are several online fitness centers selling dumbbells online at rates that will not dent the budget.


Measure space

It is disheartening if a large amount has been spent to purchase an exercising instrument, but there is no space to accommodate the same. Always analyze that the home gym area has sufficient space to accommodate the equipment.

The above mentioned factors always help one get the best of exercising instruments and machinery without costing an arm and a leg.

How To Select The Best Treadmill?

Similar to a pair of good training shoes, treadmills are, by and large, the most sought-after merchandise for runners, fitness trainers, joggers and footers alike. The treadmills are among significant gym accessories found in every fitness center.

Gym AccessoriesThe reasons for such high popularity of treadmills are their ease-of-use and excellent functionality – any type of cardio can be done on the machine be it tempo, long distance, hill or interval. Owing to such benefits, the use of treadmills becomes an ideal way to enhance the cardiovascular system, burn calories and do weight management. However, the buyers should mull over certain points before taking the final buying decision.

What is the average life of a treadmill? How to maintain the machine?

A decade is an average lifespan of a treadmill. The life can be extended to 12-15 years if the gym equipment’s proper care is taken. Primarily, belt friction and dust kill the performance of a treadmill; which is why it must be wiped for any dust once a week

The area around the treadmill must be vacuumed periodically. In addition, never forget to lubricate the belt along with running deck using silicone lubricant.

Never rush away with the buying decision

  • Do the homework first by carrying out extensive research about treadmills online
  • Determine which type of cardio will be done the most on a treadmill? Whether it will be for walking, running or jogging? Also, identify how many family members will work out on the machine.
  • Educate on the best treadmill brands in India. Prepare a list of dealers, enjoying excellent reputation.
  • Visit the dealer’s store and test the treadmill physically. While checking the treadmill, the overall performance along with its frame and motor quality must be analyzed.

For enjoying healthy life fitness equipment such as a treadmill plays a cardinal role.

How To Buy A Steam Bath Generator For Home?

The concept of steam bath was popularized by the Greeks. Such growing inclination toward steam bath helped in the market expansion of steam generators and other steam bath equipment. The use of steam and sauna equipment helps in not only making the atmosphere relaxed, but curing several ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, to mention a few. Buying a steam bath generator for home demands a methodical need analysis and extensive market survey. Presented below are certain tips that help you get the best steam bath generator.

steam bath equipmentA jet of hot steam opens up the pores of skin and resultantly improves the blood circulation. In earlier times, you had to travel to gyms and sauna centers to experience the luxury of steam bath. However, the sudden dip in the cost of living has fueled the demands of many of us to get little luxuries of life such as a purchasing steam bath gadget for home.  Presently, there are several types of steam bath accessories most popular among them is a thermostat valve.

Quiz yourself

Before buying a steam bath generator, it is advisable to answer certain questions.

  • What’s the size of the room where the steam bath accessory has to be installed?
  • What’s the size of steam generator as it plays a crucial role in deciding the capacity of the generator to be used?
  • How much are you willing to spend on the equipment?

Assemble components and cut down on the equipment’ price

In general, a low power steam bath generator is pocket-friendlier than a high power one. If you have knowledge about the internal components of the equipment, it will be simpler as well as economical to assemble the entire system by yourself; this will give you a price that is easy on the pocket.

For purchasing the best steam bath accessories, contact Cardio Fitness India Pvt. Ltd. The company has carved a niche in giving the best gym accessories and high-class dumbbells online at rates that will not cost you a fortune. Other details about the company and its product line can be found at Website.

In need of a fit body?

Fitness today is like drug; some cannot function without it and others just go for it to blend in with the latest trends. Everyone somehow wishes to be fit and for that one requires three things; a gym, proper equipment and a well trained trainer. Cardio fitness thereby provides you with all these requirements and much more. From setting up fitness centers for corporates, clubs,hotels etc. to laying down the plan for a proper workout area that includes the installation of commercial gym equipment and lastly to ensure that there are proper trained gym trainers at your service is what we do.

We at cardio fitness believe in providing you with a world class experience of fitness combined with luxury by offering you high end multi brand products such as cross trainer, treadmill, steppers, rowing machine, plate loaded stations, modular stations, multi stations, etc. Quality fitness is our mantra and keeping in mind our organizational objective we have successfully linked up with several top of the chart companies in the industry. Some companies that are linked with us are Life Fitness, Celebrate Life, Hammer Strength, Helo, Ivanko and many more are some leading brands of gym equipments and other utilities. We are located at major destinations across the country promising you fitness and health with a pinch of modernity. We also provide our customers with spa equipment services bringing us to the very top of the chart in this field of fitness.

Health is wealth and we make fitness come easy to you with all our products and services that cater to all your needs. Let us make your fitness experience an experience you cannot forget. In order to rule the market we have an excellent customer support system that works 24*7 for providing you with what you need. Stay fit, stay healthy.